New Year's Eve, Good Resolutions and Me.

Here we are, Christmas is over, and New Year's Eve is on the way. Let me show you my unconditional love for this night.

By Lyna Allet

I am going to put it right here; I love Christmas as much as I hate New Year's Eve. And I adore Christmas.

If I'm being honest with you, I never was a person who loved the New Year's Eve. I still don't.

Celebrities make it look like it is the party of the year, celebrating in a gigantic house, drinking, and eating, with their A-list friends.

Yes, we all deserve to have their New Year's Eve.

But then, you remember you're not friends with Leo, so you gotta find something else. That's sad.

My New Year's Eve wasn't catastrophic, they were good, but I don't change my mind, you need to find a party, with people you like but it's complicated because your friends have another plan where you're not in. So you figure out something else, and you find yourself in a house that belongs to someone you don't know, it turns out fine but not sensational and at 11 pm you think that you rather be at home, alone, watching « The Holiday » and eat so much pizza that you're about to pass out.

If you don't see my point in why I despise this night, here it is, more simplified:

The fact that you have the ultimate pressure to find a party, you compare the soiree you are in with another one on Instagram and you're never satisfied. You got FOMO! ( I hate this word but I think he can't be used in a better situation than here, it's the last time, I swear on Chanel.), your friends have other plans, and you remember that you rather be at home. Yes, those are my New Year's Eve.

But besides the flawed party and social media, this is not a New Year if you don't have Good Resolutions.

Good Resolutions are for me more of things that you want to have or to become, but at the end of the year, did they became reality?

When I was nine, my resolutions were more like « Good grades, cleaning my room, helping at home...»

Ten years later, they didn't change.

The fact that I have the same resolution that 10 years ago, says a lot about me.

When I was 14, I resolved to not have a resolution. Such a rockstar, I know. ( I was in my grunge period, burgundy lipstick along with black eyeliner, listening to Avril Lavigne while wearing that tattoo-necklace we all had. Forgive me.)

I have a resolution for this year, and I hope you all have, even if they're corny like being happy and finding love (I don't judge you),

Even if you have the Instagram resolutions ( going to the gym, focus on you, and making more money)

or if you just want to be more productive, more social, I truly hope you'll succeed.

This is why I wish you all my best wishes for 2020, Happy New Year and also, be safe.

See you next year!

(I had to, sorry...)